Nicaragua has the oldest city in Central America is Ruins of
Leon Viejo, which is over 1500 years old.
Lake Nicaragua is the largest lake in Central America.
Today, it is used as a water supply for many parts of the
country, and is a huge tourist attraction.
Out of a total of 88 constellations found in the night sky, 86 of
them can be seen clearly in Nicaragua.
The Pacific coastal region of Nicaragua celebrates many
religious festivals, and utilizes music and dance to celebrate.
The Caribbean coast of the country was once ruled by Great
Britain, and therefore they speak English and have traditions
similar to what you could find in Great Britain.
Nicaraguan food is a mixture of Creole and Caribbean food.
Nicaraguans incorporate fresh and locally grown food into
their dishes, and often cook a lot of corn, seafood, rice, beans
and peppers.
Baseball is played by almost every culture in Nicaragua. It is a
favorite pastime of many citizens, and their professional
baseball league thrives. Families enjoy going to baseball
games and spending time together during the weekends.
The only freshwater sharks known in the world can be found
in Lake Nicaragua.
There are 70 protected regions of land and water in
Nicaragua, which aid in saving many rare endangered species
found in the country. These species include various monkeys,
sloths, sea turtles and boa constrictors.
The name Nicaragua comes from the words nicarao and agua.
Nicarao Indians were the first Indian tribes to occupy Lake
Nicaragua, and the world agua means water in Spanish.
When the Spaniards arrived in the country in the 1500s, they
named it after the people they met and the vast amount of
water in and around the country.


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